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Award-winning residential property management, helping every resident feel at home.

Skyline Living serves tens of thousands of Canadian renters who call its properties home. At Skyline Living, our goal is to provide outstanding customer service and a hassle-free property maintenance experience, so that our residents can spend more time doing what they love—and loving where they live. We also strive to go beyond just rental housing and truly make a difference in our communities across Canada.

Skyline Living is the winner of the 2020 Rental Housing Provider of the Year award from the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA), for our efforts in customer service, community-building initiatives, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. We’re in the business of building strong and vibrant communities across Canada.

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What Makes Skyline Living Unique?

Skyline Living facilitates the daily operation and maintenance of properties owned by Skyline Apartment REIT. Moreover, we provide holistic service to our 50,000+ residents across Canada, going beyond simply providing safe, clean, and comfortable homes. This includes special mediations, resource provision, and financial assistance via our award-winning Tenant Assistance Program, launched to assist tenants suffering undue financial hardship.

All Skyline Living properties participate in a Portfolio Efficiency Plan that promotes environmental sustainability through large-scale initiatives that reduce waste, conserve energy and water, and educate our residents.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation and social responsibility in the Canadian rental housing industry, making a positive impact on each of our audiences: our residents, our staff, our industry peers, and the communities we serve.

Skyline Living is also part of Skyline Group of Companies. Being part of a larger entity provides unique benefits that help to make Skyline Living’s properties feel like true communities.

These benefits include:

Relationship With Service Providers

Maintaining solid relationships with preferred tradespeople and contractors means that Skyline Living receives optimal pricing from these service providers. This buying power results in cost savings for Skyline Living’s residents.

Clean Energy Commitment

Consistent exposure to new opportunities to surface value and provide excellent service to Skyline Living’s customers.

For example, in conjunction with Skyline Group of Companies’ clean energy team, Skyline Living evaluates the incorporation of clean energy solutions at its locations.

Internal Capital Project Team & New Real Estate Development Teams

Using well-established, in-house capital project and development teams mean that all interests are aligned. Through their years of experience at Skyline Group of Companies, these project leaders have the industry knowledge and expertise for successful projects in both property enhancement and new development.

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