Theresa DiMenna

Director of Residential Operations, Acquisitions, Skyline Living

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Theresa DiMenna

Theresa is responsible for ensuring the stabilization of newly-acquired properties and new developments for Skyline Living, as well as ensuring all property dispositions are completed efficiently.

At the completion of a property acquisition, Theresa works with Skyline’s Acquisitions, Operations, and Human Resources departments to facilitate staff recruitment and onboarding, and overall operation strategies.

With consideration to each rental community’s unique market characteristics, Theresa ensures the right staff are in place to bring a new Skyline Living property to stabilization. Evaluative factors include vacancy rate, staffing, housing trends, maintenance, and curb appeal.

After working in Early Childhood Education for the City of Windsor for 11 years, Theresa entered the real estate industry in the early 2000’s. Previously to Skyline, she worked for another private landlord and was responsible for property management, as well as office and budget management. Theresa joined Skyline in 2013 as a Resident Manager, and subsequently had four promotions in the property management field before accepting her role as Director of Residential Operations, Acquisitions.

Theresa’s goal is to help Skyline grow through fostering and maintaining its relationships with the business community, as well as each resident in Skyline Living’s communities.

Theresa believes strongly in learning and development as lifelong endeavours, and provides her staff the necessary development, resources, and empowerment to reach for the next level. Throughout her career, the key to her success has been passion – and as she attests, it is easy to be passionate in her fast-paced role in an ever-changing industry.


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