BJ Santavy

Vice President, Skyline Living

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BJ Santavy, Vice President, Skyline Living

BJ is responsible for ensuring that Skyline Living’s business operations are directly helping to improve the quality of life for its tenants across Canada. She believes that rental housing providers have a fundamental responsibility to support their tenants, even in difficult times. Under her leadership, every aspect of Skyline Living’s business upholds this exceptional level of care.

In her role, BJ emphasises the importance of both tenant support and experience. Her philosophy is to communicate regularly and effectively to tenants, suppliers, internal team members, and the community at large. In doing so, she strives to reinforce the integral role the rental housing sector plays in Canada, and to shift public opinion toward a positive outlook on landlord-tenant rapport.

BJ is a seasoned rental housing industry professional, having dedicated her career to improving the entire tenant rental experience, while directing and managing business operations to make measurable improvements in vacancy levels, operating costs, and tenant engagement and retention. She manages her team with a focus on collaboration and fostering the development of her team members.

BJ joined Skyline in 2009 with 15 years of experience in multi-residential real estate management and operations. BJ is Past-Chair of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (2006-2016) and is Past-President of the London Property Management Association (2002-2018).  Additionally, she is a past Committee Member for both the Public Relations and Education committees of the Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO).


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