About Skyline Apartment REIT

An apartment real estate investment trust portfolio

Our Strategy

The Skyline Apartment REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) portfolio is comprised of professionally managed and maintained apartment real estate in dozens of communities across Canada.

We target both established multi-residential properties and new multi-residential developments in Canada’s secondary and tertiary markets. In these communities, while demand for rental housing is typically strong, competition to acquire and/or build apartment real estate is typically lower.

Our strategy focuses on growing and maintaining a portfolio of geographically diverse properties that provide living spaces for an equally diverse tenant demographic mix. We believe that Skyline Apartment REIT is well-positioned for growth in an economic climate where safe, clean, and affordable rental housing is in strong demand. We are proud to provide quality places to live for tens of thousands of Canadian renters.

As a private alternative investment product that has enjoyed historical stability and low vacancy, Skyline Apartment REIT presents an opportunity to invest in Canada’s multi-residential real estate market without the hassle of hands-on property management. Skyline Apartment REIT is governed by an independent board of trustees.

Management Team

Board of Trustees


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